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Medication versus neurofeedback: Effects on impulsivity

Neurofeedback for ADHD

Medication versus Neurofeedback: Effects on impulsivity   Comparing Effects of Medication and Neurofeedback on Inhibitory Control (impulsivity) In ADHD, a key executive functionthat is typically impaired is that of inhibitory control. This refers to the ability to ignore stimuli that are irrelevant to completing current tasks and inhibit prepotent reactions to those stimuli. A large…

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Neurofeedback Improves Inhibitory Control & Activates the Brain in ADHD

Neurofeedback natural therapy ADHD

Effect of Neurofeedback on Brain Activation: Inhibitory Control While neurofeedback has been consistently found to be an effective treatment for ADHD, most studies have measured this solely through behavioural outcomes, and thus the mechanisms driving this effect are not well-understood. In 2018, Baumeister and colleagues aimed to identify the impact of neurofeedback on the brain,…

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2018 Neurofeedback for ADHD?: Scientific Review

ADHD treatment neurofeedback therapy

As neurofeedback is increasingly practised as a treatment for ADHD, research on whether the clinical benefits are sustained even once the treatment itself has ended is necessary. In 2018, van Doren and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis on 10 recent studies which used neurofeedback to treat ADHD in children and adolescents. Importantly, all these studies included…

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