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Time processing in ADHD

ADHD and time management Sydney

Why do people with ADHD run late and not seem to understand time? A study published in June 2019 in Italy examined why children with ADHD seem to struggle with understanding time and making time estimations. It has been long hypothesised and found clinically that children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) present difficulties in processing time…

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Facebook addiction in teens with ADHD

In January 2018 Gul published a study about Facebook addiction in teens with ADHD. In the last decade, using social network sites  has grown and become an integral part of daily routine for adolescents. As known, ADHD is a major public health problem for all addiction types, including the Internet and social media addiction. The…

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Critical parenting style associated with persistent ADHD symptoms

A study by Musser and colleagues (2016) found that high levels of criticism from parents over time lead to continuation of ADHD symptoms in individuals. The study consisted of 388 children with ADHD, 127 without, and their families over three years. Here, the researchers measured change in ADHD symptoms over three years and measured the…

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Negative parenting styles and children with ADHD

A 2017 study by Bell and colleagues, published in Clinical Psychological Science found that changes in parenting, including less yelling and physical discipline, led to improvements in a child’s biological regulation. Their study explored the effects of positive parenting (e.g., praise, encouragement and problem-solving) and negative parenting (e.g., critical statements, physical discipline and harsh commands)…

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Parent program improves behaviour in young child with ADHD

A 2017 study by Murray, Lawrence and LaForett found that a program focusing on strengthening parenting skills also improves symptoms of ADHD in 3-8 year olds. Based on systematic literature review, the study evaluated the effectiveness of Incredibles Years (IY) program for children with or at risk for ADHD and those with conduct problems or…

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