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Parent Executive Training Improves ADHD in young children

New cognitive training program proves to effective in young children with ADHD New research study published in January ...
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Saffron versus ritalin in ADHD

Surprising research shows saffron treats ADHD as well as medication

In a very surprising research study just published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Pharmacology in April ...
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ADHD and time management Sydney

Time processing in ADHD

Why do people with ADHD run late and not seem to understand time? A study published in June ...
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Neurofeedback for ADHD

Medication versus neurofeedback: Effects on impulsivity

Medication versus Neurofeedback: Effects on impulsivity   Comparing Effects of Medication and Neurofeedback on Inhibitory Control (impulsivity) In ...
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ADHD diet obesity

ADHD Associated with Obesity

A study published in Feb 2019 from Gaziantep University in Turkey, examined the obesity/hypertension prevalence of children with ...
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Neurofeedback natural therapy ADHD

Neurofeedback Improves Inhibitory Control & Activates the Brain in ADHD

Effect of Neurofeedback on Brain Activation: Inhibitory Control While neurofeedback has been consistently found to be an effective ...
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