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ADHD Assessment & Treatment Centres

ADHD Assessment Costs


Stage 1: Initial Consultation & ADHD screening

  • Standardised rating scales: Behavioural screening of ADHD, and other mood disorders and behavioural disorders
  • 1 hour clinical interview to go through developmental and medical history, assess for sleep issues, and review 10 other differential diagnoses
  • OUTCOME: Determination of whether Stage 2 is needed or whether ADHD can be ruled out.

Stage 2: Neurocognitive Assessment

  • IQ Test: Weschler Intelligence Scales
  • Auditory Attention Span
  • Visual Attention Span
  • Auditory Sustained Attention
  • Visual Sustained Attention
  • Auditory Working Memory
  • Processing Speed
  • Auditory Impulse Control
  • Visual Impulse Control
  • Reaction Time
  • Reaction Time Variability
  • Executive Functioning Testing
  • FEEDBACK SESSION: Results, diagnosis, & recommended therapy options. Formulation of a treatment program suitable to your needs.
  • OUTCOME: Report with summary of results, diagnosis, treatment plan, and behavioural compensatory strategies

Stage 3: QEEG Brain Scan (For neurofeedback only)

  • Analysis of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Low-Beta, High-Beta brain-waves: Which are in excess and which are deficient
  • Review of latest scientific biomarkers for ADHD & subtype (eg. theta-beta ratio, excess slow wave)
  • REPORT: Including above analysis and recommendations for neurofeedback protocols


Concerned you or your child may have learning issues or is not functioning academically to potential?:

Academic Screener: 180: Reading accuracy, spelling & numerical operations)

Academic full assessment: Up to $380 (Maybe be less if only selected subtests needed): Reading accuracy, reading comprehension, spelling, written expression, maths reasoning & numerical operations



Core Memory TestingWide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning – 2nd Edition (WRAML2): $320 (or part thereof if only selected subtests)

Phonological Testing: Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP-2): $180 (or part thereof if only selected subtests)

Visual Processing: Test of Visual Perceptual Skills- 4th Edition (TVPS-IV): $180 (or part thereof if only selected subtests)

Auditory Processing:  SCAN-III or TAPS: $180  (or part thereof if only selected subtests)



Orthoptic Assessment, Eyal Pat: $180

Speech therapy, Ciara Reeves: TBA (Currently on maternity leave)


ADHD Treatment Costs

We have numerous types of treatment at each of our centres, however please be aware that not every type of therapy is available at every centre. To find out more about which centre offers which types of therapy, please email us at in regards to what centre you are interested in and we can forward you an updated treatment list.


Sydney ADHD Centres: (02) 9053 7475

North Shore ADHD Clinic

Eastern Suburbs ADHD Clinic



Melbourne ADHD Centres: (03) 9069 5252



Brisbane ADHD Centres: (07) 2102 22 66



Medicare Rebates:

To access Medicare rebates you will need to see your GP and request a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Medicare offers up to 10 sessions of therapy a year for people diagnosed with ADHD who are under this plan. It will cover standard psychological therapy including skill training. at this stage neurofeedback is not rebatable (hence the discounted price per session). Unfortunately at this stage Medicare does not offer rebates for assessment, but it will cover psychoeducation as part of the feedback session. Medicare will rebate $84.80 per session of therapy. Note: we recommend that you register on the Medicare website for the 'Safety Net", as once you are out of pocket a specific amount, you can then be eligible to receive a rebate of 80% of the cost of each session.

Private Health Insurance:

To find out about your personal level of coverage you will need to contact your private health insurer and ask them about rebates for psychological assessment and psychological therapy. There are such a large range of insurers and levels of coverage, we cannot inform you of your personal situation. Most higher levels of coverage will provide rebates for psychological services.