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Why us?

ADHD clinic Sydney
  • The BrainX ADHD Clinic aims to be the most comprehensive national ADHD clinic in Australia, providing a gold-standard in ADHD assessment and ADHD therapy.
  • We treat both children with ADHD as well as adults with ADHD. We understand the full complexity of the disorder from infancy till late adulthood.
  • Our centres are all completely dedicated to assessing and treating ADHD and its comorbidites- nothing else.
  • Our staff have the highest level of expertise in this area, utilising the latest assessment and therapy programs for people with ADHD.


Our philosophy regarding ADHD management

Our clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic that aims to assess and treat both children and adults with ADHD. We have a philosophy of 'medication as a last resort' and offer a four stage treatment model to help treat ADHD from all angles. Whilst we recognise that medication is the most commonly offered therapy, we realise that the vast majority of parents and adults don't want to be taking these short-term medications as a long-term solution. Many of our patients complain of the negative side effects and lack of long-term research on the safety, wanting to more naturally reduce the impact of this disorder on their lives. We also recognise that many families come to our centre as medication has failed them and is either non-effective, has produced awful side effects, stopped working after a while, and has had created little impact on overall quality of life. Whilst we aren't against medication for some patients as part of a larger treatment program, we aim to provide alternatives that can actually create lifelong skills and change brain regulation.

Our co-founder: Dr Shelley Hyman

Shelley ADHD therapist Sydney

Dr Shelley Hyman is a Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist who has worked for the past 20 years with children and adults with ADHD. After working in the hospital system for 8 years running clinics and various research studies, she founded the Sydney Cognitive Development Centre, a multi-disciplinary Sydney-based assessment and treatment centre for a wide variety of developmental and neurological disorders. In 2018, she was asked to create a gold-standard assessment system and an ADHD treatment program based on the latest scientific finTo find out more about her Sydney-based practice go to