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Shelley ADHD therapist Sydney
Dr Shelley Hyman, Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist & Co-founder

Over the last 20 years I have dedicated myself to helping people with ADHD. I believe in finding the root of the issues and then treating broadly to create the best possible outcomes.


BrainX ADHD Clinics provide leading edge assessment and treatment programs for children and adults with ADHD. We treat from every angle in order to optimise brain functioning, improve attention and executive skills, create strong emotional resilience and have the best behavioural outcomes.

Our scientific programs are a gold-standard in excellence and have been developed by leading experts after running clinics for over 20 years and seeing over 10,000 Australian adults and children.

We pride ourselves upon:

  • Having the most comprehensive assessment techniques, utilising the latest attention, executive and brain scanning technology.
  • Having the broadest range of treatment programs, treating not only the behavioural symptoms but the core brain neurophysiology and cognitive skills.
  • Increasing children and adults skills to their highest level of potential, enhancing quality of life.


Not sure where to start?

ADHD Sydney reception

Do you or your child have attention issues but have not yet been assessed?

Already diagnosed but need treatment options?

    3 Stage ADHD Assessment Process
  1. Initial Screening Consultation
  2. Full Cognitive Assessment
  3. EEG Brain Scans (if neurotherapy requested)
    4 Stage ADHD Treatment Program
  1. Brain-based treatment
  2. Cognitive treatment
  3. Psychological treatment
  4. Behavioural treatment


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HighQ ADHD model

How our ADHD clinics can help you

We provide a gold-standard across Australia for the accurate diagnosis of ADHD.

We provide a full range of therapy options as well as newer technological advances in the field, so that medication (a band-aid solution) can be seen as a much smaller component of a therapy plan, and more long-term options can be explored either as starting point or concurrently.

We aim to provide a valuable for resource for people living in Australia, to have accurate information relevant to Australians about this disorder.

"Not treating labels, but recognising each person has a unique profile and needs an individualised treatment program tailored to their unique neurophysiology, cognitive profile, social, emotional and behavioural issues."

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